In a cold night there will be no fair fight, there will be no good night to turn and walk away... So burn me with fire, drown me with rain, I'm gonna wake up screaming your name.

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My Haru, Favorite Artist & Detective Twin

we remain
"You’re not fine! That’s why we’re all telling you this! Nagisa and Rei and Rin and me… It’s because we all love you. Because we care about you."

"Can you hear me?"
"Yes, I can hear you. This is the future foundation.
I’m Naegi… Makoto.”

This time, you’re going back.


Why don't you play with us for a while?

Barakamon ED Single

love of my life, my soulmate
you’re my best friend

part of me, like b r e a t h i n g

Haikyuu!! Episode 24 - Oikawa Tooru


Come not between a dragon and his wrath.

Guys I’m not even gonna lie to you but I stared at this photoset and for a moment I was like “it’s weird that they only ever have animated or CGI dragons and they don’t use real ones”

get to know me » favorite non-human characters [1/10]
↳ dantalion (makai ouji)
"it’s always the same…every age, every generation. humans are infinitely more cruel and selfish than any demon in hell."

"That’s an impossible mission.”

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